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Acupuncture sessions will be available following an on-line intake for new clients and a virtual check-in for returning clients. We will all follow safety protocols outlined by Maine’s Center for Disease Control, designed to minimize the spread of Covid-19. To read more about our safety protocols and procedures, click here for the ‘Covid-19 Checklist and Informed Consent to Treat Form’ or here for the ‘Office Safety and Cleaning Protocols.’

If you’re interested in an acupuncture session please email, julie OR ~ text or leave a voice-mail, 207-200-3129 to request an appointment


Before you Arrive If you have a fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, loss of sense of taste or smell, or other signs of a viral illness, have been in contact in the last 14 days with anyone with known or suspected COVID-19, or you have travelled out of state in the last 14 days please reschedule for a virtual appointment or reschedule your in-person appointment. Call or text 207-200-3129 with questions about how long to wait as these recommendations are subject to change. 

Upon Arrival. For your safety, appointments will be staggered and the room will be sanitized before your arrival. Since the waiting room is closed, you will be met at the office door at the scheduled appointment time. In accordance with CDC recommendations, a mask that fits securely over both nose and mouth are required, and unfortunately treatment cannot occur without one. At the door, your practitioner who will also wear a mask, will check your temperature with a no-contact thermometer and provide you with sanitizer to sanitize your hands prior to proceeding directly to the treatment room.

Getting comfortable in the treatment room. In order to ensure minimal areas of contact, please do not bring any items or guests into the building with you. There will be a designated area for any clothing you must remove for your treatment, but please consider clothing which can be rolled or positioned to minimize any need to remove. You will be asked to position yourself on the table, underneath the top sheet provided. Your treatment will begin promptly and will take 30-45 minutes. A bathroom is available with a key and will be cleaned and sanitized after every use. 

After Your Treatment Please place your cash or check payment in the box provided next to the treatment room door. Credit card payments and insurance billing should be arranged ahead of time by telephone. Additional scheduling will be done on-line or by telephone as needed. 

On-line intakes and coaching can be scheduled by you at the links provided below. Virtual sessions are an uninterrupted time to dive into the conversations and questions that drive our assessment of your health challenges. We’ll use a platform that’s easy to use and allows us to see one another and talk to one another as if we were face-to-face. In the tradition of holistic health discovery, we need to know more about you than just your diagnosis and your symptoms. Holistic diagnosis will take into consideration many factors about you, such as your likes, dislikes, moods, temperament, habits and way of thinking about yourself and the world. The questions and dialogue that will help us to understand these things are easy and non-intrusive. Your practitioner is listening and observing carefully and can obtain all the information in a relaxed and friendly conversation.

New clients or returning clients with a new and complex health issue: 60 Minute On-line Intakes: New clients must choose this option. If you’ve been seen (virtually or in-person) in the last 12 months you’re a returning client. If returning clients aren’t sure if they need this option or the next one, please text or leave a voicemail at 207-200-3129.

The 60-minute Intake is an uninterrupted hour of conversation, questions, and learning about you and what you’ve experienced to arrive at this healing crossroad. After the virtual conversation you’ll receive detailed follow-up suggestions from your practitioner via email about recommended course-correction strategies that could include herbs, supplements, food, meditation, exercises, coaching, acupressure and other self-care, and in-person acupuncture treatments. Click this link to schedule a 60 minute virtual intake:

Returning clients 15-30 Minute Virtual Follow-Up Intakes: This 15-30 minute discussion covers the changes and challenges you’ve faced since the last appointment (virtual or in-person). After the intake you will receive follow-up suggestions via email that may include recommendations about herbs, supplements, food, meditation, exercises, acupressure and other self-care, coaching, and/or scheduling options for an acupuncture session. Click the following link to schedule a 15-30 minute follow-up